High Society is the newest recreational marijuana store to open in Port Angeles, Washington and has roots throughout the entire state. Our brand represents the down to earth and community based values that we feel are lacking in the industry. The goal is to provide the consumers of Port Angeles with quality products and the much needed education regarding health, wellness, and just plain fun!

Our philosophy is that the best buds, from the best growers, leads to the best highs. For that, we proudly serve only the highest quality flower, edibles, and concentrate products to our clients. Our vibrant staff is Kultivate Certified which means they have the proper training to give you an unsurpassed experience while connecting you with the best products Washington has to offer. See you soon!

There are good deals and the weed is really good and the people care a out what you want

Daniel M.

It's were you get the good stuff the legal way.

Diane B.

Super convenient location and appears to have new ownership. The budtenders really know their stuff and the product quality is excellent. Highly recommend!

Mark L.

Looking For Recreational Marijuana in Port Angeles?

Look no further, this recreational marijuana store is everything Port Angeles needs and wants. They are staffed with an approachable and well-informed staff prepared to serve you! Conveniently located on Hwy 101 with a large parking lot for cars, trucks, RV’s, airplanes, trains, tanks, etc.